Klee Studio's offers dedicated to your needs

To better suit the needs of the customers, Klee Studio offers three types of products and services:

  • An annual subscription package to the image database. The price offered will take into account various factors such as image quality (print, Web...), the number of categories covered, the definition of product characteristics, the volume of images, etc.
  • The realization of specific images with an appropriate quotation before consumption. This will be a benefit as performed by our photographers.
  • A competitive intelligence service with the scanning of the shelves for the provision of planograms. This response is an increasing need to conduct surveys on the shelves in different formats recommended by customers.


  • Annual multi-categorical subscription to share images with daily updating



  • International e-Commerce website
  • Language selection
  • Secure access with custom password
  • Access to historical controls
  • Access via a search engine:
    ° by manufacturer and associated images
    ° by category
    ° by date of product publication
    ° by country
    ° etc.


  • Access to all available views of the product
  • Choice of format, size, naming to suit the software used Merchandising
  • Zooming
  • Basket system
  • Choice of email delivery, support (email, CD or FTP platform with a large volume)



  • Image and Data associated (Weight and litrage products, EAN, Size, Name, Manufacturer, Brand, etc.)
  • Opportunity to be informed of images of the month etc.