Market challenges

Capitalize on the digital transition of the FCMG sector

Manufacturers and retailers, data is at the heart of the transformation of your companies.
Digital content promotes purchasing and optimizes the customer experience.

e-Commerce and merchandising strategies are essential in improving sales performance.
Klee Studio supports you whatever your challenges and your preferred sales channels: e-Commerce, drive, merchandising, and mobile applications…

Digital for your business development

Sell better and more

The 5 B concept

Charles Kepner said that successful merchandising incorporates the 5B: “The right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price, in the right quantity“.


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The Shopper experience

The act of buying is no longer just an economic act, and can be above all an experience.

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Merchandising is an essential element in the commercial performance of the brands.

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The evolution of e-Commerce is so fast that it is the Shopper who makes the law and lays down the rules.

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Active and constructive collaboration between retailers and their suppliers is increasing.

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The new digital solutions meet the requirements for creating planograms, highlighting, and monitoring promotions.

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The guarantee of an optimized referencing

An industrial and calibrated creation process

To be referenced, manufacturers and retailers must have quality visuals and product data, calibrated for the needs of e-Commerce and standardized. An industrial product data processing process is proposed to them to guarantee the conformity of the elements and to ensure them a real competitive advantage.

Multi-application content

Costs optimization

Harmonization of data

Regulatory compliance

Meeting business requirements

The Klee Studio offers

The Klee Studio offer combines data and image know-how,
reinvented for new e-Commerce and merchandising uses.
The metadata of a product is all the information about the physical product.

The products, recovered by our teams in stores around the world or directly supplied by manufacturers, are then processed by our teams until they are made available via the Cloud.

Brand management

An omnichannel answer for your brand: e-Commerce, m-Commerce, Apps…

  • Do you need to build and maintain your own brand image repository?
  • Do you need to virtualise your entire catalogue?
  • Provide all merchant sites with the visuals and characteristics of your products?
  • Distribute to multiple applications the image changes of your assortment?…

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Category management

Multi-brand content for business applications: 3D, Merchandising, image recognition…

  • Do you need a global view on a market, a category?
    You are going to launch a study by image recognition tool?
  • Does a 3D virtualization project need to be created?
  • Do surveys need to be conducted among your consumers?
  • Do you need a merchandising implementation plan for your next buying commission?

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Services +

Adaptation to specific needs: planograms, 24/7 web catalog, database management…

  • Do you want a hosting platform for your digital content?
  • Do you need store records?
  • Do you need to prepare a planogram in an emergency?
  • Does your entire database need to be harmonized and/or re-segmented?
  • You need to outsource the conversion and transmission of your visuals?…
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They trust us

Klee Studio customers are leading brands in the Retail and FMCG sectors.

It is thanks to our partnership with Klee Studio that we have been able to fully implement our merchandising projects.”

Marie-Hélène Galvalisi, Merchandising Manager – Unilever