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Who are we?


We are professionals experts in image and data management

Klee Studio is a French company created in 1994, made up of a team of international specialists, qualified in the fields of digital and database management.

Production sites are located in France, Spain, Italy, the United States and Russia.

Our photo studios are equipped for professional digitalization and 3D.

More than 460,000 PGC and OTC products from all over the world are digitized with their metadata and categorized.




Since 1987, Klee Studio has created one of the most important databases and visuals of Consumer Goods.

We provide our clients with a wide range of means to build and maintain the metadata and image databases that will be useful to them, by carrying out:

  • regular in-store trips throughout Western Europe and around the world for shelf surveys,
  • purchasing operations for products absent from the bases or with new packaging or product code,
  • the reception, according to an agreement, of the product assortments of Distributors and Industrials in our premises.

Klee Studio has developed a unique know-how in the production of metadata and image databases for PGC products, the quality of which is unanimously recognized.

Klee Studio has established a standard based on:

  • an industrialized process of digitization and metadata capture,
  • calibrated production tools in all studios,
  • the total homogeneity of the visuals.

Klee Studio has created an online interface enabling its customers to access all their digital content.

This intuitive, secure platform is accessible in the cloud 24/7.


It offers the possibility:

  • to establish validation flows,
  • to search for useful elements among the catalogs segmented according to GS1 standards,
  • to download them in multiple formats thanks to its conversion engine.

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