Guide the Customer journey

It must be understood that the act of purchase is triggered by the consumer himself. Merchandising has the primary objective of knowing how to set up a given point of sale, so that the products displayed there can be sold easily, by themselves, without the intervention of anyone else (for let us remember that we are dealing here with self-service).
It therefore calls on a whole range of recommendations, often obtained through empirical analysis of customer behaviour, past experience, observation of the customer journey, and common sense.
A shelf space must be legible and understandable.

The concept of hot zones (places where customers concentrate) and cold zones (places less frequented by customers) is important, but more importantly, it is essential to concretely identify these zones in a given store. The entrance to the store, its central aisle, the distribution of shelves on either side of it, and the accessibility of each area are all elements that ultimately produce a route, a circuit and therefore a flow.
It is therefore to improve the efficiency of this flow that gondola heads, promotional islands or modifications to the entrance lane should be designed.

Beyond that, this concept of hot and cold zones obviously also applies to each of the shelves composing it. Indeed, a customer will always tend to stand in the middle of a given shelf to “read” it as a whole. In these cases, the hot zones are in the middle of the shelf and the cold zones at the ends, where the eye is less attracted.

It is up to the consumer alone to decide whether or not to purchase a product or use a service. It is therefore up to the manufacturers of mass-market products to try to influence them by implementing various actions

This can be done in two main ways:
Direct marketing actions before the purchase (mailings, Internet, SMS, leaflets and letters…)
Specific in-store operations during the visit of the point of sale.

Brands and retailers redouble their inventiveness and imagination to offer the most original, relevant, surprising, or impactful content possible, in order to highlight: commercial offers, practical advice, good tips, events, various messages… with the aim of improving their customers’ experience.


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