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Sales channels are already interconnected, integrated and therefore often complementary. It is therefore necessary to reflect on new development models for e-Commerce and its new challenges.
One major one: the development of mobile phones.
More than a source of information and access to promotions, the mobile is becoming the key intermediary in the act of buying, like Amazon Go in Seattle or Auchan Box in Shanghai. With no staff or checkout, these stores offer a “phygital” shopping experience. Thus, identification and payment are only done using consumers’ mobile phones.
Accompanied by their smartphone, consumers can even enjoy a fun and recreational experience. Used for augmented reality and virtual reality, the mobile connects the physical world to the virtual world.

Some significant examples:

  • Alibaba and its virtual reality shopping platform Buy+ offering an immersive
    shopping experience to better visualize products at 360 degrees.
  • IKEA and its Augmented Reality shopping application that allows customers to
    test furniture from its catalogue.

The mobile thus brings a new meaning to the way of consuming. Omnipresent in the daily lives of consumers, it is an integral part of the development strategy of market players. At the end of 2016, the mobile Internet surpassed the fixed-line Internet for the first time in the world.
Means of payment are also a source of innovation. China is the country to look to, as are online payment methods such as Klik&Pay, Alipay, and WeChat.
The new digital solutions meet the requirements of the promotion, promotion follow-up, and planograms by integrating figures while offering a realistic vision of actions in the field. By facilitating dialogue and manufacturer/retailer collaboration with adapted and immersive technologies, the manufacturer is able to offer an effective categorical approach, integrating new consumer purchasing methods.


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