Image and data in the customer journey

Since the creation of the department store at the end of the 19th century, then the hypermarket in the 1960s, e-Commerce has set the pace and now drives growth. Purchasing paths are becoming dematerialised and are accelerating the change in consumption patterns.

Data, visual or textual, is essential. It is an integral part of the purchasing process, represented by the purchasing activity itself and the associated information. The reliability of their source and their quality are essential if purchases are to reach their full potential.

Today, the use of data offers an unprecedented opportunity to better understand customer expectations, detect friction points, but also to personalize the relationship for greater proximity. Content and visuals are the key to engaging an audience. They are the most effective today to ensure a strong and dynamic brand image, optimal natural referencing and increased visibility on the Web.

Acquiring and retaining customers remains a challenging task. A good digital strategy is essential for success in e-Commerce.
The image being a universal communication medium, it allows to arouse interest. Visuals and computer graphics can be adapted to all themes, all strategies and all users. Above all, they can be deployed on each of the current means of communication: Internet, traditional posters, television…

But above all, images have become the flagship digital content of social networks.
On the latter, image and video generate engagement and sharing and allow to impact a large audience. Beware of the messages conveyed and the positive or negative reactions they can generate if they are of poor quality, obsolete or do not correspond to the reality of the product.

Digital content should express the perceived values of the brand or product and make people dream. They are therefore to be considered as a major pillar of the brand’s global communication strategy.

If sectors such as luxury, tourism or automotive are increasing their efforts on images, others such as food must also have up-to-date product visuals and their characteristics, and intended to be disseminated throughout its ecosystem.
They help to increase consumer traffic, better inform consumers about products, promote conversion, and reduce customer service requests…


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