Innovation as a determining factor

If the arrival of digital signage marks the first step in the digitalization of points of sale, it meets the needs of brands and retailers wishing to take the first step.
But to perfect In-Store operations and offer customers truly innovative routes, several new digital solutions are available to retailers, driven in recent years by a drastic reduction in costs, making access to them affordable.

Interactive shop displays and other digital media attract attention.
They are available as walls, interactive screens, digital terminals, interactive tables or other digital supports inviting to an original experience.

To enhance the attractiveness of some areas in shopping malls or supermarkets, mobile applications have been launched to encourage customers to pass by at specific locations.
Simple and intuitive, the search results offered on tablets or smartphones have now become tools to help and support sales.

For example, the Carré Sénart shopping centre (Seine-et-Marne) has set up a virtual showroom with a selection of 6 luggage brands: Delsey, American Tourister, Lipault, Jump, Eastpack and Samsonite.
How does it work? On coffee tables equipped with touch screens, products can be tried, compared, configured and paid for. All that’s left to do is deliver them to the store or directly to the customer’s home!

Connected objects, high-definition screens, LED walls, interactive terminals, virtual or augmented reality, IoT (Internet of Things for Internet of Things) or even robots are also beginning to conquer the French retail landscape.

Digital signage, for example, offers the possibility of broadcasting multimedia content, remotely and in real time, on a network of digital signage supports placed in a shop or on a whole network of signs (professional screens, screen walls, interactive terminals, digital mirrors, or LED walls…).
This is to reinforce the sales force to give the consumer the desire to enter a store, to move around the point of sale, to take in hand certain products or to ask for advice from salespeople and advisers. It is a particularly effective solution to trigger and support the customer in his decision to buy.

Many companies are innovating in Retail by exploiting Data.
Directly inspired by the analytical techniques used in online shops to identify the number of Internet users who have visited the platform, these devices have been created with the aim of providing a better understanding of the shopper and his real motivation within the point of sale.


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