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Market issues

Simplify your daily life by mastering your visuals and product data

The profitability of a point of sale is directly linked to the layout of the shelves in the store and the management of the products on the shelves.
The daily challenge for merchandisers is to act on the categories, to successfully plan the implementation of the products, to enhance the value of the shelves and facings in order to improve their attractiveness to consumers. Optimized space management ensures product availability and profitability.

The guarantee of an optimized referencing

An industrial and calibrated creation process

To be referenced, manufacturers and retailers must have quality visuals and product data, calibrated for the needs of e-Commerce and standardized. An industrial product data processing process is proposed to them to guarantee the conformity of the elements and to ensure them a real competitive advantage.



Our answers to your business challenges

Do you need to build and keep your brand image reference system up to date?

Do you want to virtualize your entire catalog?

Do you need to produce complete, high-quality plans with reliable, up-to-date, and quickly accessible visuals and metadata?

Do you need to provide all the merchant sites with the visuals and characteristics of your products?

Do you need to distribute image changes to multiple applications for your assortment?


The need for manufacturers and retailers to have quality, calibrated and standardized visuals and product data has led us to set up an industrial process for processing product data. It is accompanied by multiple delivery solutions guaranteeing you agile and secure use.

Retailers’ agreements in all countries allow our teams to visit the stores on a permanent basis and carry out exhaustive product surveys. They are then processed by our dedicated digital teams and projects until they are made available via the cloud.


Our teams of image professionals offer you a wide choice of shots, formats, and sizes, in accordance with standards and practices to best meet all your business needs.


The metadata, which corresponds to all the information about the physical product, is integrated to make it available to manufacturers or retailers.


Our production studios are equipped for both professional digitizing and 3D.

We guarantee consistent professional quality.


Packaging visuals and product data are stored on a single platform, accessible online 24/7.

These elements can then be immediately transmitted to your partners ( retailers, marketplaces, agencies…) or integrated into your PIM or DAM for multi-channel distribution.

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