Stimulated business operations

Sales operations set the pace for the year and are aimed at developing product sales in the form of intensive actions carried out by the industrialist.
Its objective is to attract more attention from consumers, by striving to make the product better known, in order to make them buy it more easily.

Previously used when the company’s image or notoriety was no longer sufficient to develop sales, these specific operations were a short-term tactical response designed to boost turnover.

The galloping competition has forced brands to change their methods.
It is now a question of being the first to launch an attractive campaign, at the right time and often with a flagship product. Thus, this widespread practice has enabled the consumer to have a choice, but also to be more informed and perhaps more opportunistic.

Today, the operation must be customer-centric. And shopping can become a hobby in itself. The operations that work best are those that are designed as an experience.
It is no longer a question of choosing a distribution channel, or favouring one over another, but of combining them, working in synergy. Customer satisfaction and the resulting loyalty are objectives in themselves.


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