Sales actions? Growth levers

These marketing and sales actions act as real levers for growth, drastically boosting sales.

The most common are:

  • Cross-selling, which consists of presenting a product to the consumer outside his usual department, next to a product of which it is the complement. A classic example in supermarkets is to offer corkscrews, not in the kitchen accessories section but in the wine section.
  • Upselling, which consists of presenting the consumer with a more advanced product next to the product he is interested in, which above all ensures a much better sales margin.

Retailers have many opportunities to significantly improve the shopping experience by creating unique routes, whether by placing displays prominently and in plain view, or in secondary locations to draw shoppers to a more secluded area of the store.

Showcases, corners, floor displays, counter displays, checkout fronts, there is no shortage of places to place products judiciously in stores.
These professionals have the opportunity to turn to specialists in Trade-Marketing to develop concepts and customized solutions to offer something unique and differentiating to customers.

A judicious animation of the sales area and an attractive universe where products and services are presented, can only help professionals to increase or direct sales towards the famous decisive moment of the purchasing act.
To participate in this staging and communicate with shoppers, POS (Point of Sale Advertising) and POS (Point of Sale Information) embellish retail spaces through different types of operations or animations.

The benefits of POS campaigns are certain. On average, one consumer in three notices and is seduced by the presence of a display. Not having a POS presence in the store reduces the chances of putting the desired brand products in the consumer’s shopping basket.

Today’s customers are confronted with an abundant offer of references and products to make their choices. It is critical for professionals to offer a support capable of highlighting the creativity of the brand, in order to transform the unconscious buyer into a conscious customer.
For example, the launch of a new product, a thematic animation, during a sales period, Christmas shopping or more isolated events such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Visual and qualitative Merchandising has been experiencing a new lease of life for some time, proof that advertisers have finally become aware of the importance of the care that must be taken in the customer journey if they wish to guarantee the survival of points of sale, at the risk of being cannibalized by e-Commerce competitors.

On average, a consumer lingers for about 10 seconds in front of a product that is in front of a single shelf. Faced with an attractive POS display, he will linger much longer and show more interest than a product that is not promoted.
In certain circumstances, the consumer may even completely miss a product, and a product that is not seen is a product that is not taken…


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