The customer, at the heart of the concerns

In order to be successful, an e-Commerce player must attach great importance to knowing his customers and communicating with them.
Quality and reactivity are therefore crucial: a consumer who does not find the products he is looking for or does not receive relevant and appropriate offers in real time no longer hesitates to turn to the competition.

Customer satisfaction is an objective pursued by companies to ensure their long-term success. It contributes to building loyalty, standing out, generating new purchases, or benefiting from customer recommendations.
However, satisfaction is a fleeting state. It must be repeated over the long term to have a positive impact and create a real relationship between the consumer and the company.

Good practice has shown that the completeness of a product offer is no longer sufficient. A selection of the latest products, with their visual representations on all sides and their descriptions, adapted to different search habits is more likely to increase the conversion rate of the site than when no product is promoted.
This implies prior knowledge of the consumer. By completing the data collected via the various interfaces, we can then ideally generate a 360° view of the buyer. The data will be processed and transformed into usable information.

This global vision of the customer promises a smooth and coherent path, a better knowledge of the targets, a prediction of behaviors for more relevant actions, and simplified management of the General Data Protection Regulations.
In this perspective, offline and online data must be compared and updated – in real-time and consolidated, in compliance with the GDPR.


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