The tactical support od adapted solutions

To meet the challenges of shelf space optimization, manufacturers rely on merchandising software solutions. These solutions enable them to produce planograms, i.e. visual representations of the layout of the shelves according to the type of store.

The key functionalities of the tools are the retrieval of product BOMs, the configuration of store types, the retrieval of data produced with photos, the different furnishings, the placement and automation of their updates, as well as the automated deployment of planograms in the store, for the implementation of planned recommendations.

From there, it will be possible for the merchandiser to include his products, organize his shelves and select the references to be highlighted in order to create a coherent and efficient space.
These planograms must be replicable throughout the network of signs and updated with each new product introduction or range review.
Their distribution, as well as the relative merchandising guide, gives the implementation rules for each product family with more or less detailed recommendations, vertical or horizontal positions, the number of products to be displayed, the number of variations for the same reference, the layout of mobile elements, etc.

These recommendations can then be disseminated in real time to the sales force for implementation, in store, as soon as possible.


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